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Equestria Online: Latest Patch Notes!

So hey everypony, how's it going! I managed to snag a copy of upcoming beta patch notes for EO.. that's Equestria Online.. and thought I'd share them with ya here! Of course, these ARE for testing, so chances are they're gonna change!

(A reminder that Anon posting is enabled on this journal, so you don't need LJ account to leave a comment if you want!)

Equestria Online Client Patch 4.1.1

The latest retail patch notes can be found here:

Lunar Knights

- Lightning Storm now hits 1 additional target, for a total of 3.
- Nightcloud now shares a cooldown with PVP trinkets, and breaks all the same effects those items do.
- Shattering Stomp's damage has been increased by 10%, but now only damages targets in a cone in front of the caster.
- The Runic Power cost of Night That Never Ends has been removed, but it's cooldown has been increased by 1000%.
- Pegasus Lunar Knights should no longer be unable to accept the quest "Oatmeal? Are You Crazy?"


- Blink should properly work now. Again.
- Unicorn Scholar's horns should animate with an appropriate glow during and after casting, as they did in the previous patch.
- Polymorph: Parasprite has been removed from the game due to exploits.
- Telekenesis can now only be used on enemies or inanimate objects. Too many players were intentionally tripping their own allies and causing them to fall.
- Friendship is Magic is no longer interrupted by damage, and the mana regeneration effect is maximized for the closest 6 ponies (including the caster) within the area of effect.
- Locate Tome should have a higher success rate when cast closer to the book in question, with a guaranteed scrying when cast within 5 yards of the bookshelf containing the target.
- Arcane Armor has a new icon!

Animal Friend

- Ferrets will no longer eat vegetables.
- Buzzing Buzzards do not remain permanently hostile to everypony until server restart if anypony attempts to tame them and fails or is otherwise interrupted.
- Pink Jays are once again spawning in the gardens around Canterlot.
- Prime Glyph: Intimidating Stare now resets the cooldown immediately on this spell if the effect is resisted, but on Beasts only. This does not affect it's cooldown on Dragonkin or players of any type.
- There was a bug mistakenly flagging some fish as sentinent. This has since been resolved, and you can once again feed your pets fish if it is part of their diet.

Celestial Knights

- Hoof of Protection will now cause Forbearance on anypony it is targeted upon.
- The mana cost and cooldown of Avenger's Horseshoe has been reduced by 33% and 15 seconds, respectively, bringing this attack more in line with offensive spells cast by the other melee hybrids.
- Celestia's Boon can no longer be dispelled.
- Lunar Bane talent removed. Anypony who currently has this talent will have their talent points reset so you can choose another.


- Limited quantities of every type of craftable fabric should now be available at Rarity's shop in Ponyville, available exclusively to Tailors of 300 skill or higher.
- Herbalists can once again track herbs in the Everfree Forest.
- Diamond Dog spawns have been toned down in intensity; they can only appear if you actually uncover a gem while Mining, only at levels beyond 30, and are limited to a maximum of 3 spawns within 30 minutes.
- Mr. Cake and Mrs. Cake at Sugarcube Corner now teach all standard Cooking recipes, not just sweets.

Dungeons & Raids

- It is no longer possible to kite Shade of Nightmare Moon out of her room.
- All hostile mobs, regardless of level, will leash to their original position if they enter Princess Celestia's throne room or bedroom while she is within either. No, you can't drag adult Dragons in to attack her anymore..
- Babypony Abominations have a new, more terrifying model.
- The droprate for the various shards of the Elements of Harmony has been increased by 10%.

PvP (Pony Versus Pony)

- Due to popular demand, Froggy Bottom Bog is once again a Contested zone on PvP stables.
- It is no longer possible to begin a Buck Attack right as a duel ends to kill another player.

Bug Fixes

- A scripting error which was causing Fluttershy to run away forever, regardless of her current health if attacked has been corrected. If reduced to 10% HP she will now hide under her bed, untargetable, until the threat has left the area or been eliminated.
- Players whom chose the "Derpy Eyes" option during character creation no longer receive any penalties or benefits for doing so, it is purely visual.
- Dr. Whooves' model will not randomly switch between Earth Pony and Pegasus.
- There should no longer be a crash to desktop upon zoning into Fillydelphia for the first time on a given character.
- The word "wingboner" and it's associated emote will be censored if a player has the Mature filter activated.

Known Issues

- Cro Hoofstrong's dialog with Granny Smith has not been updated yet to reflect her newly-fixed hip. This is purely a localization issue and the fruit vendor does indeed walk better now! She still hasn't moved her apple cart though..
- It is possible to get Pinkie Pie stuck in an infinite loop via dialog choices. If this occurs you will need to relog or leave the zone and return. We hope to have this resolved via a hotfix soon.

Holy Celestia, this series has me hooked, I'm actually making pseudo-fanfiction for it now.. and yes, this is a parody of "What if World of Warcraft was PONIES?!". Try and catch all the references; every 'note' is relevant to either (or both!) series, sometimes in multiple ways! It's a simple concept, sure, but I had fun making this up.. ;)
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